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Destructive Testing

Similar to my Engineered Food Series, the still life works in this series look are also interested in technology. However, these pieces look at photography’s complicity in the endeavor. Without photography, our understanding of the world would be greatly diminished. But the process of photographic documentation is intrusive, occasionally destructive, so that the knowledge comes at a price. Beyond photograpy’s technical applications, it’s not a far step even to such things as reportage and documentary photography. Destructive Testing takes these ideas and frequently has fun with them, sometimes using dissections of photographic icons like calla lilies or bell peppers to create a new delight or beauty. Other works are less sanguine.

Images 15 x 18¾ inches on paper 17 x 22 inches, or the reverse, with some images printed at a smaller size. Gelatin-silver prints and later digital prints. Editions of 20 across all media.


These images copyright 1991-2008 by James SOE NYUN. All rights reserved.

Fig Leaf Flammability Test 6b

Fig Leaf Flammability Test 6B, 1998

Calla Lily Dissection 3

Calla Lily Dissection 3, 1992

Carrot Fingers

Carrot Fingers, 1992

Big Corn Little Corn

Big Corn, Little Corn, 1992

Calla Lily Dissection 1

Calla Lily Dissection 1, 1992

Calla Lily Dissection 2

Calla Lily Dissection 2, 1992

Comparative Wilt Test

Comparative Wilt Test, Oxalis and Oenothera, 1992

Bell Pepper Demolition II

Bell Pepper Demolition 2, 1998

Bell Pepper Demolition I

Bell Pepper Demolition 1, 1998

The images and music on this website copyright 1992-2022 by James SOE NYUN. All rights reserved.